Whitening: Things You Haven’t Recognized Yet

When you visualize your smile, what do you see? If you’re envisioning stains or all over yellowing but you’re wishing you could change the reality to something much brighter, we’ve got lovely news for you: We offer teeth whitening, as well as other cosmetic treatments, that will quickly transform this dream of yours into real life. Though whitening may be something you know a little bit about, when you know a lot about it, you can more easily get going with fulfilling your goals.

You Should Only Get It From Us!

You really shouldn’t spend any time trying to achieve the effects of teeth whitening through any means other than those we provide. We make this suggestion with your oral health and your goals in mind. When you try to do your own thing, whether that includes picking up whitening strips from the store or making your way through DIY (do it yourself) methods you find online, you’re making yourself very susceptible to damage, poor results, and discomfort. When you choose, instead, to take the professional treatment route with our team, you bypass any potential complications and arrive immediately at the results you desire!

You Might Need Something Different

You might be better off with a different treatment if your goal is teeth whitening. This is nothing to feel concerned about. We may determine that the tiny stain on your one tooth that’s the cause of your “discolored” smile is so easily covered with bonding that there’s no reason to whiten all of your teeth. We might determine that when you combine the fact that you want whiter teeth with all of your other goals, veneers make a lot more sense. Maintain an open mind for your best experience!

Get The Teeth Whitening Results You Want With Us

Take advantage of the cosmetic care we offer, so you can end up with the bright, brilliant smile you want (without damage or sensitivity). To schedule an appointment with Dr. Nielsen and our team, call Commerce Family Dental in Commerce, TX today at (903) 886-3081.