Teeth Whitening: Three Details You’d Like To Know

There might be about 100 things you’re dying to know about teeth whitening. For all of the little things, of course, there’s more than enough time when you visit with us to ask away and receive answers. For now, as you’re embarking on the journey toward making a decision to whiten your smile, there are probably some main details that will really help you determine whether it’s even going to be an option for you. While we can immediately report that when it’s a whiter smile you’re after, you will probably be quite impressed by what you learn about professional whitening, it is our pleasure to explain further.

#1: Does It Hurt?

Teeth whitening does not hurt. The process is an easy, relaxed, comfortable one. We select treatments with a formula that is thoughtfully made to protect your smile and your oral health. Translation: During the treatment and after, you won’t need to worry about any discomfort or serious sensitivity. The goal is to brighten your teeth and keep them safe.

#2: Does It Last?

Your teeth whitening treatment will provide you with a smile that appears much whiter and that can remain that way for many years. Realistically, since your teeth naturally develop stains, it’s possible that you won’t maintain that magical initial luster forever and ever. However, promoting a smile that’s white for a very long time is as easy as giving it the attention it needs by keeping it clean. Make it last by brushing, flossing, and scheduling cleanings.

#3: Is It In-Office Or Take-Home?

We offer both. You can decide whether you’d like one or the other when you speak with our team about your teeth whitening and scheduling needs, so you’ll be on your convenient way toward a brighter smile ASAP.

Achieve A Megawatt Smile With Teeth Whitening

See us for whitening today to learn about your options and to attain a beautiful smile you feel proud of. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Nielsen and our team, call Commerce Family Dental in Commerce, TX today at (903) 886-3081.