Root Canal Treatment

The Need for Root Canal Treatment

Tooth decay – the infection that leads to cavity development – is progressive. The longer it remains the more of your tooth structure is lost, and eventually, decay can make saving the tooth impossible. When a tooth-colored filling is not enough to treat tooth decay, root canal treatment may be needed to prevent the loss of the tooth.

Root canal treatment, or endodontic treatment, involves cleaning out decayed tooth structure and bacteria from the inside of the tooth (pulp) and the root canal connected to it. Removing the infection stops it from spreading, and alleviates the intense discomfort that accompanies internal tooth infection.

What You Can Expect

A root canal is the pathway through which your tooth’s nerves and tissues travel into your jawbone. When the pulp is infected, the infection can travel through the canal and into the areas around the tooth. Because it directly affects your tooth’s nerve, the infection can cause severe, often-debilitating discomfort.

If Dr. Nielsen prescribes root canal therapy, he will begin the procedure by anesthetizing the tooth and surrounding area. You can also opt for dental sedation if you need help staying calm and relaxed during your procedure.

To clean the pulp and root canal, Dr. Nielsen will carefully access the tooth’s interior and use special equipment to clean and sanitize it. After the infection is removed, he can restore the tooth by filling and sealing the root canal, then filling the tooth with durable composite resin.

Finally, to improve the tooth’s appearance and protect it from your bite’s pressure, Dr. Nielsen can place a custom dental crown over it once the root canal treatment is completed.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

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