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2018 Problems To Address In 2019

Did you have some issues in 2018 when it comes to your smile? Are you just now realizing that you may very well not get them addressed over the course of this year because this year is on its way out the door? That’s okay! Our Commerce, TX team knows that time can simply get… Read more »

Preventive Care: The “What’s It Do For Me?” Review

You may find yourself reflecting on your dental care one day, wondering, what exactly does preventive care really do for you? Of course, you know that it’s something you should do. We always tell you just how important it is and that it keeps your smile healthy. However, as for the details and the particulars,… Read more »

Why Serious Bad Breath Means It’s Time For A Visit

At its best, yucky breath is something that you can joke about. At its worst, bad breath means something is wrong with your oral health. The good news is that when halitosis (your chronically not so lovely breath) shows up, it’s a big obvious sign telling you that it’s time to set up a dental… Read more »

Saliva: What’s It Doing In There?

If you lick your lips right now, what do you notice? There’s a moisturizing, natural lubricating liquid there to coat them! What’s it called? Saliva, of course! While it’s there for you when you need it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you really know why you need it or what it’s doing in there most of… Read more »

Bruxism Treatment: What Is It And Why?

If you are coming in to see us soon because you’re having some sort of problem with your smile that might be caused by bruxism, then you should know: We may suggest bruxism treatment for you. However, if this functional problem is still a bit of a mystery to you, then you might have a… Read more »

Smile Sensitivity: FAQs

Smile sensitivity is not something you need to put up with but something for which we can most certainly offer help. Are you sure about why your teeth are uncomfortable? Is this something that tends to happen when you eat certain foods or only when chewing? The wonderful news is that we can quickly get… Read more »

Do Your Children Need to Visit the Dentist?

As a parent, you likely already have your hands plenty full. Between baseball practices and band camps, even summer break may not feel like much of a vacation for you. But even if your calendar already feels dizzyingly busy, it’s important to determine whether your children might need to see the family dentist during that… Read more »