Interested In Cosmetic Care? Just Say So!

You might feel very interested in cosmetic care. Whether there’s something about your smile in its current state that is causing you some embarrassment or if you happen to just want to enhance a detail of your smile, you’re on the right path. Cosmetic treatments are solely offered to make esthetic improvements. So, how to let us know you’re interested, that you want to learn more, and to find out what can you do to get the ball rolling? Getting started is very easy! Take some recommendations to heart.


Saliva: What’s It Doing In There?

If you lick your lips right now, what do you notice? There’s a moisturizing, natural lubricating liquid there to coat them! What’s it called? Saliva, of course! While it’s there for you when you need it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you really know why you need it or what it’s doing in there most of the time. We are happy to provide you with a better understanding of this natural secretion and what makes its role in your smile health so very important! (more…)

Bruxism Treatment: What Is It And Why?

If you are coming in to see us soon because you’re having some sort of problem with your smile that might be caused by bruxism, then you should know: We may suggest bruxism treatment for you. However, if this functional problem is still a bit of a mystery to you, then you might have a hard time understanding not only the treatment itself but also why we are suggesting it for you. Let’s get down to the basic details, so you see why you’re visiting us and how treatment can really improve your daily quality of life.


Q&A: Dental Insurance And Your Grin!

Perhaps you have dental insurance and you’re just noticing that the year is almost through. You realize the time has gone quickly and wonder how to proceed. Maybe you don’t have benefits but you’re thinking about it for next year. You wonder: Do we accept insurance? Let’s get some basic details sorted out, so you can quickly gain a solid foundation!


Porcelain Veneers: No Worrying Necessary

You aren’t going to want to let yourself forget all about porcelain veneers if you’ve been excited about them lately. However, if you start coming up with what-ifs and worries, then you may accidentally end up kicking them aside and the potential for your soon-to-be dazzling smile may dissipate. Before you make a single guess about veneers, we’d like you to stop and take some interesting facts under closer consideration. You might find that your worries are absolutely unfounded and absolutely unnecessary!


Toothaches: 3 Steps To The Rescue

We know that the idea of dental pain and then the reality of dealing with a toothache are two very different things. Imagining ending up with discomfort never sounds so bad. However, when you’re cupping your cheek with your hand because of severe pain and inflammation, you want answers, you want to know exactly what to do, and most of all you want relief fast! Good news: We have three simple steps for you to follow should you ever find yourself in need of assistance, so you can take care of your tooth.


Smile Sensitivity: FAQs

Smile sensitivity is not something you need to put up with but something for which we can most certainly offer help. Are you sure about why your teeth are uncomfortable? Is this something that tends to happen when you eat certain foods or only when chewing? The wonderful news is that we can quickly get to the bottom of the problem and get the issue under control. Curious about how to make this a reality? Use our FAQs as your springboard!


Your Dental Bonding Quiz: Addressing Worries

Is it just about time for dental bonding but you don’t like moving ahead with a treatment (or anything else in life), while worries are still running rampant through your thoughts? Not a problem! We are happy that most patients prefer to spend some time researching and having questions answered first. Let’s get those concerns of yours to go away by offering essential details through a bonding quiz. For remaining inquiries, bring them to our attention ASAP!


Is Your Smile Showing Signs of Need for Restoration?

Is Your Smile Showing Signs of Need for Restoration?When was the last time you actually enjoyed your meal, without worrying that the food or drink you were going to consume would cause you dental discomfort? If it has been weeks, but feels even longer, then you could be in need of restorative treatment. The teeth are strong, but they are not able to repair themselves when they’ve become fragile or damaged. This is why restorative dental treatment is necessary. It can help to prevent infection, restore comfort, and even improve the look of the smile. (more…)

Veneers Could Help You Achieve Your Dream Smile

Veneers Could Help You Achieve Your Dream SmileWhen was the last time you actually posed for a photograph and felt excited about showing off your smile? Does it feel like ages? If so, what is causing you to feel insecure about your smile? Whether the answer is permanent stains, intrinsic discoloration, an oddly-shaped tooth, or inconsistencies in the size or spacing of your teeth, the great news is that porcelain veneers could help to address those imperfections and leave you with the kind of confidence that comes from having a beautiful smile.