3 Types Of Smile Repairs We Offer!

When you think about your smile and any type of damage that may affect it, you may wonder to yourself: What types of repairs can our Commerce, TX team offer? Are we going to be able to help you with anything that occurs? What if it’s just a little bit of a visual problem but it’s not impacting your actual smile health? What if you need a repair and you need it as quickly as possible because an accident occurs? Good news: We can very quickly help you come to understand how our dental care can help you with categorized explanations!


Flossing: 3 Things That Don’t Need To Happen

There are some things that should definitely happen when you floss: You should be able to do it efficiently and comfortable, without grimacing, as you effectively clean between your teeth and remove plaque (and food particles) from just beneath your gumline. Of course, this sounds like a simple task that you should be able to get through with ease but that doesn’t mean you won’t face an obstacle or two throughout the life of your dental hygiene! If you find that your experience isn’t quite so streamlined but you are intent on following through with the care your smile deserves, consider what our Commerce, TX team has to say on the matter!


How Do You Treat Bruxism?

If you’re grinding your teeth in Commerce, TX, then you should talk to a dental professional. While many of us may occasionally grind our teeth, persistent grinding, known as bruxism, can lead to damaged teeth and other complications. In today’s blog, we’re looking at treatment options for teeth grinding.


Preventive Care: The “What’s It Do For Me?” Review

You may find yourself reflecting on your dental care one day, wondering, what exactly does preventive care really do for you? Of course, you know that it’s something you should do. We always tell you just how important it is and that it keeps your smile healthy. However, as for the details and the particulars, you don’t really know what’s going on. For a deeper understanding and appreciation, why not follow along with our Commerce, TX practice’s quick review? You just might gain a new outlook (and may even want to give yourself a pat on the back) when you realize just how powerful your daily and professional preventive efforts really are!


Make Time For Your Kids’ Dental Care Before Summer Ends!

Summer means warm weather, and having plenty of time with the kids. Even when they take on special activities outside of school, summer vacation can create more time to handle important matters for your children. One way to take advantage of this is to bring your kids in for routine dental care at your Commerce, TX dentist’s office. People of all ages should make sure they attend regular dental exams. With that said, there are important benefits that come with making sure your child, whose oral structures are still developing, keeps up with care. Younger patients can receive guidance and instruction that will make it easier for them to understand the importance of a healthy smile. As they age, your dentist can monitor their development, and alert you to any concerns that should be addressed. (more…)

Whitening: Things You Haven’t Recognized Yet

When you visualize your smile, what do you see? If you’re envisioning stains or all over yellowing but you’re wishing you could change the reality to something much brighter, we’ve got lovely news for you: We offer teeth whitening, as well as other cosmetic treatments, that will quickly transform this dream of yours into real life. Though whitening may be something you know a little bit about, when you know a lot about it, you can more easily get going with fulfilling your goals.


Why Serious Bad Breath Means It’s Time For A Visit

At its best, yucky breath is something that you can joke about. At its worst, bad breath means something is wrong with your oral health. The good news is that when halitosis (your chronically not so lovely breath) shows up, it’s a big obvious sign telling you that it’s time to set up a dental visit with us. Not sure why you can’t just deal with this with your toothbrush, paste, and floss? Learn more with us.


Teeth Whitening: Three Details You’d Like To Know

There might be about 100 things you’re dying to know about teeth whitening. For all of the little things, of course, there’s more than enough time when you visit with us to ask away and receive answers. For now, as you’re embarking on the journey toward making a decision to whiten your smile, there are probably some main details that will really help you determine whether it’s even going to be an option for you. While we can immediately report that when it’s a whiter smile you’re after, you will probably be quite impressed by what you learn about professional whitening, it is our pleasure to explain further.


Interested In Cosmetic Care? Just Say So!

You might feel very interested in cosmetic care. Whether there’s something about your smile in its current state that is causing you some embarrassment or if you happen to just want to enhance a detail of your smile, you’re on the right path. Cosmetic treatments are solely offered to make esthetic improvements. So, how to let us know you’re interested, that you want to learn more, and to find out what can you do to get the ball rolling? Getting started is very easy! Take some recommendations to heart.


Saliva: What’s It Doing In There?

If you lick your lips right now, what do you notice? There’s a moisturizing, natural lubricating liquid there to coat them! What’s it called? Saliva, of course! While it’s there for you when you need it, that doesn’t necessarily mean you really know why you need it or what it’s doing in there most of the time. We are happy to provide you with a better understanding of this natural secretion and what makes its role in your smile health so very important! (more…)