3 Types Of Smile Repairs We Offer!

When you think about your smile and any type of damage that may affect it, you may wonder to yourself: What types of repairs can our Commerce, TX team offer? Are we going to be able to help you with anything that occurs? What if it’s just a little bit of a visual problem but it’s not impacting your actual smile health? What if you need a repair and you need it as quickly as possible because an accident occurs? Good news: We can very quickly help you come to understand how our dental care can help you with categorized explanations!

#1: Repairing The Beauty Of Your Grin

One type of repair that we can provide for you that doesn’t really have anything to do with your smile health but that is always much appreciated? We can fix the beauty of your grin! This type of repair is easily accomplished with the help of one of our cosmetic dentistry services. What are you hoping to fix? A discolored smile? Chipped smile? Funny shaped teeth? Spaces? Texture issues? Everything? Talk with us to learn more about whether dental care in the form of whitening, contouring, bonding, or veneers will guide you correctly!

#2: Repairing Your Oral Health

Perhaps your problem does have to do with your smile health. What can you do? If you’re worried that there’s no repair out there for you, think again: We offer complete restorative care, so when something goes wrong, we can quickly help you bounce back to the healthy smile you previously knew. Do you need a white filling, a crown, a dental bridge, a root canal, or a denture? No problem.

#3: Repairing An Urgent Problem

Will this likely include repairing your oral health? Yes, most urgent problems that you feel strongly enough about when it comes to needing help immediately will include addressing some concern with the health of your teeth or gums. Does that mean you will necessarily need restorative care? Nope. Perhaps we find out that you’ve damaged a tooth and that bonding will work for your needs. In any case, when you need help and you need dental care right away without question, we help with emergency dentistry! Call us.

Fix Your Smile Right Up With Our Team

Come in for any type of repair your smile needs, from cosmetic to emergency, so we can help you get back to the oral health you deserve! In addition to serving Commerce residents, our Commerce Family Dental practice works on the smiles of patients from Van Alstyne, Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, and all surrounding communities. To schedule your consultation or dental appointment, call our office today at (903) 886-3081.