2018 Problems To Address In 2019

Did you have some issues in 2018 when it comes to your smile? Are you just now realizing that you may very well not get them addressed over the course of this year because this year is on its way out the door? That’s okay! Our Commerce, TX team knows that time can simply get away from you, which is why we have a very, very easy way for you to make things better and to feel oh-so-good about your smile care again: Take care of that stuff in 2019! It will be here soon and you can easily set new goals.

Cosmetic Issues

Were you all ready for a smile that was going to stun the world and here you are, looking at a quickly disappearing December, wondering where the time went? Do you wish you could go back in time, so you could find yourself finishing out the year with a gleaming, glowing, perfected smile? We understand. We also remind you: You can continue on with those smile care plans in 2019. Just get started right away, so procrastination doesn’t have the chance to get the best of you again! Call us. We love talking with you about cosmetic care.

Preventive Needs That Can Cause Damage Soon

You may already know something strange is happening with your smile. It used to be just fine. You know it’s mostly healthy. However, now your teeth feel a little sensitive. You have a scalloped tongue border. You have … bruxism! You may have meant to follow through with coming in for a nightguard (only you didn’t). Come in right away in the new year. We will help you and you will be able to protect your smile health with ease!

Restorative Care Suggested During Your Second Checkup

Sometimes, smile care includes the need for repairs. If that’s the case with your smile, only you haven’t set up that next visit we suggested for you recently, then now is the time. Unless we can fit you in before Christmas, plan a visit very early in 2019 and you’ll get that oral health back where it belongs!

Make 2019 A Bright And Wonderful Year For Your Smile

Call us as soon as you can to set up dental care for yourself in the new year! In addition to serving Commerce residents, our Commerce Family Dental practice works on the smiles of patients from Van Alstyne, Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, and all surrounding communities. To schedule your consultation or dental appointment, call our office today at (903) 886-3081.